TradeNGain BackGround

Play N Win!!

Use your Equity/Commodity market knowledge to play the fantasy stock/commodity market game and Win the Cash award daily.

Apply your Market knowledge, analysis and Play Fantasy Trading Game Live during market hours and win the cash.

Get registered yourself at tradeNgain. Verify it and login.

After Login, Select PlayNwin Registration and Registered for any Room as per your choice with the wallet points.

Rooms are: Fire Five(5 Calls allowed of selected segment). Single Shot(Only 1 call allowed of selected segment). Top10(Any 10 calls allowed of any segment)

Now the game starts:

On your date of Play, your window will be automatically activated to play, if and only if, Rooms filled with given number. If desired number of Registration not happen, then that day game will be cancelled and your points will be added-back to wallet.

Between 9.15am and 3.30pm(Equity-NSE) or 10am and 11.30/11.55pm(Commodity-MCX), you can put your virtual trade in Registered Room/s.

All the trade will be executed with live NSE data. (Once executed, colour will be green. If not executed by 3.30 then all the non-executed calls will be closed/delete automatically at 3.30pm)

Once Calls will be executed, Close button will automatically appear in application. Your given calls will be either Hit the TGT/SL or you will close during Market hours.

Any open calls will be closed with Closing price of that days NSE Closing price after 7pm.


Out of total players, Winners/awardee will be decided by the system based on RoI(Return on Investment). Prize amount will be added to your wallet same day, which you can be withdraw thru request to the admin.

You can see your performance in Result menu after 9pm in application.

By entering into this platform to Play the virtual stock market fantasy game playNwin , you agree with the following additional terms also:

1. You have the basic knowledge of equity and commodity market.

2. You agree to participate in this virtual stock/commodity fantasy trade with knowledge and experience.

3. You are participating in this game at your own risk and no other person/persons are responsible for this.

4. In this game, there is chance of loosing the participation fee and you are well aware of this.

5. Winning amount will be subject to Income Tax and you only will be responsible for that. Company will not in any way be responsible for that.

6. You agree that you are putting trade in this platform after proper analysis and after gathering information from various sources including consultation from your financial advisor,if required.

7. For any loss, company or any official of the company will not be responsible in any way.

8. Since entire game will be system driven and no outside intervention is allowed, so you agree to rely on system and will not claim in case of any technical or system failure.

9. Management decision will be final in case of any dispute. All the disputes will be resolved by mutual understanding and out of the court only.