TradeNGain BackGround
  • Philosphy:

    To connect the Traders with best of the SEBI Registered Advisors in the industry. Value for money for traders as well as Advisors.

  • Existing issues:

    Market is dynamic and its not so easy for a trader to analyse the price thru various Analytical tools like Fundamental, Technical, Astro-Finance, Gann Theory, Elliot wave etc. Lots of unregistered advisors are there in the market whose motive is not to guide, rather, to manipulate the price of underlying security. After loss, no one is ready to take the onus and hardly any one shows their Actual performance. Transparency is not there.

  • Objective behind TnG App:

    To Connect a trader with best of the SEBI Registered advisors. A traders must get the service for what he paid, means if he is paying for weekly, he must get advise for 7 trading days. Same in case of Monthly, advise for 30 trading days. Transparency in Advisor's Performance.



  • Traders can avail daily calls @300/- per day. No need to stick with one advisor for week or month, if he/she is not performing as per your expectation. Liberty to try various advisor.
  • Total "paisa wasool"(value for money): You will get total 30 trading days service if selected monthly package. Same with fortnightly(15 trading days) and weekly(7 trading days).
  • Traders can halt the service if he/she not wish to trade due to any reason. Time period will not lapse. Later he/she can resume the service.
  • All the calls will appear with details like: Time period, Quantity, Margin money, Expected Profit/Loss, Total no. of Buy/Sell in that script.
  • Real performance of any advisor based on given calls. Performance in tabular as well as graph format.
  • Performance page will show the Total Profit/Loss, Success rate and Return on Investment.
  • Restriction on number of open calls. For eg.: Intraday 5 calls, BTST/STBT 5 calls, Positional 25 calls.
  • All the calls will be automatically closed as per time line set by advisor.
  • An advisor can see the stats of all clients: Trial, Subscribed, Renewed, Moved to/from other advisor and Non-active.
  • An advisor can modify the TGT, SL and can send hedging option calls.
  • An Advisor can send real time News and information to update their clients.
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Man Behind TnG
Nitin Gami-Founder, CEO

Nitin Gami, a firm believer in Japanese Philosophy "Kaizen" (Continuous Improvement). By profession, a Chartered Accountant, Technical and GANN analyst. He has over more than 15 years of experience in the Stock and Commodity market. His philosophy is entirely Investors centric with a clear focus on providing value addition to Investors, while maintaining the highest degree of accuracy, Advisors accountability and professionalism.

User 2
Mind behind TnG
Arnab Pal- IT Head

An IT guy whose passion is to play with computers and programming. He knows , how to convert a concept into programming. Music lover, thinker and doer. Accepting challenge and converting into reality is his identity.

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Who We Are:

TradeNGain is a promising name when it comes to offering effective share market tips to both aspiring and seasoned investors. The company aspires to offer tips to clients that are actually beneficial. Investors who expect to hit it big with their investments can always rely on us.

Since the year 2014, the company has been offering tips and trading ideas through its dedicated panel of industry experts. SEBI registered experts are the ones who advise our esteemed clients.

Any experienced day trader who has been following television updates regarding share market may find his favourite investment guru in our panel. No doubt our SEBI certified advisors are the relevant names of the industry. It is their knowledge and practical experience that have made their track record and success rate envious.

Our company does a systematic framework before providing any service to the clients. To suit the actual needs of best day traders, we have designed tips packages exclusively. We offer monthly, fortnightly and weekly packages and an investor can choose any of these packages according to his requirements.

By getting proper research of the financial market, analysis of the ongoing market trend and consistent monitoring, our professional team of experts come up with fresh tips. A lot of our clients are working professionals who practice share trading as a side business. In order to assist them and a dedicated commodity trader, our team of experts offer their tips related to stock market via phone calls.

On each business day, our advisors make our clients alert about the possible results of the buy and sell process of the very day. They also guide the clients about buying, selling and holding stocks to ensure them maximum benefit. The tips and guidance of our advisors can make a trader understand the stock market and its twist and turns in a lucid manner.